Yakima Valley Community Band

FUN FACTS ABOUT OUR BAND (not everyone in band participated)

Professions - jobs - careers - how many are retired?!!

Students - we currently have four students - school or college.

Family members in band - Yakima Valley Community Band at one time had a three-generation family attending band. Currently six families have more than one member attend our band; sons, daughters, husbands and wives.

How many years have our members played in our community band as well as their combined experience in other community bands? We have new folks - a year with us. We have "old" folks - over forty years! Where else have these members played, as well as currently participating in other community groups?

Our players are experienced and professional musicians. We have clarinets, trumpet, french horns, saxophone, bassoon, baritone, tuba players who have played in symphonies. Our director has been in the Yakima Symphony Orchestra for over forty years. He currently plays trombone.

Donations to the Yakima Valley Community Band can be given to any band member at a performance. You may also mail a donation to Yakima Valley Community Band at P. O. Box 9742, Yakima, WA 98909. Email Barb Thrasher or Lisa Herke if you have any questions about your tax deductible donation.


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