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Roger Finch, Director
Dan Wallbaum, Assistant Director

The Yakima Valley Community Band, 501 (c) (3) organization, which has existed for most of the 20th century, has become an integral part of the Yakima entertainment scene.

Begun in 1919 as the Yakima City Band, the Yakima Valley Community Band has a long tradition of providing live music to the communities of the Yakima Valley through free public concerts. The band performs throughout the year for various community celebrations and festivals, but is best known for its summer series of band concerts called "Concerts In The Parks." The band is a volunteer non-profit organization supported by Yakima Valley community businesses and individuals.

The Yakima Valley Community Band draws its name and membership from the fertile Yakima Valley in Central Washington. Musicians range in age from junior high school students to retirees, and include current and former Yakima Symphony members, music educators and amateur musicians from up and down the valley. Band members love to present music to their community as a year-round band.

A requirement of membership is that musicians be able to read and play the music. Members should be able to perform with a degree of accuracy and sense of ensemble that contributes to the success of the band's performance.

Purpose - Band Organization

  • to provide live music for Yakima Valley communities
  • to continue the tradition of American music education through free public concerts
  • to aid the local community in appreciation for music
  • to provide a venue for area musicians to perform

Feb. 16th, 2015 6:30 pm
Englewood Christian Church


2014-2015 rehearsals

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Spring Concert
April 27th, 2015

West Valley High School
9800 Zier Road, Yakima


Band Schedule - Summer in the parks 2014

Summer Programs

Band Photos summer 2012

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Summer photos, Toppenish, 2009 - thanks to Gary
Summer  2005 Band Photos

Current Band Donors

  • anonymous from the Yakima Valley Community Foundation
  • Washington Beef
  • Toppenish Lions Club
  • Bill & Marietta Hake
  • Norma J. Smith
  • Toppenish Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Selah
  • R. & S. Cummings
  • Selah Chamber of Commerce
  • Yakima Lions Club
  • Joyce Roether

Music Fund Donations-2011

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Roger Finch
Roger Finch
(877-6628 at home and 877-6307 at office)

Roger Finch became the Summer Associate Conductor of the Yakima Valley Community Band in 2008, and upon the retirement of Doug Nott, assumed the year-round leadership of the Band in 2010.

"The most fun I have all week!"

Roger is a native of Grandview, WA, where his father Dallas Finch was a well-known music educator.  His high school band director at Grandview was John R. Schactler, a former conductor of the YVCB.  Roger received his Bachelor of Music degree from Miami (Ohio) University and began his public school music career in Ohio.  While there he was the Assistant Conductor of the Hamilton, Ohio community band.  He returned to the Yakima Valley as the music director at Wapato H.S. in 1970.

In 1975 Roger reluctantly left public school teaching for private business, but music has continued to be an important presence in his life.  A trombonist, he has played in the Yakima Symphony Orchestra since 1971.  He has been the choir director at Englewood Christian Church since 1972.  His present association with the YVCB marks a happy return to instrumental conducting after a hiatus of 33 years.

Dan Wallbaum, assistant conductor


Donations to the Yakima Valley Community Band can be given to any band member at a performance. You may also mail a donation to Yakima Valley Community Band at P. O. Box 9742, Yakima, WA 98909. Email Barb Thrasher or Lisa Herke if you have any questions about your tax deductible donation. Yakima Valley Community Band is a member of the Association of Concert bands.

Music Fund Donors - Gary Peterson, chairperson (2011)

  • Sandra Gibson
  • GLinda Mason
  • D. Roy & Marian Richards
  • Marjorie Emhoff
  • Joyce Roether
  • Don Rassmussen & Dorothy Sinclair
  • Gary N. Bailey & Gayle A. Scholl
  • Don & Julie Wade
  • Barb Thrasher
  • TW & AK Pickard
  • Paul H. Mills
  • Curtis & Mary Sundquist
  • Noel Kelley
  • Karen Fortier
  • Diana Er
  • Laureate Gamma Delta
  • Gerald &Jackie Painter
  • Chuck L. Chapman
  • Donna Havnaer
  • Edith F. Ryan
  • Helen Schilperoort
  • Helen R. Rogers-Miller
  • Norma Smith
  • Faye Ives
  • Lisa Herke
  • Connie Stenhoff
  • Richard & Elizabeth Irons
  • Ed V. Peck
  • Helen MacKenzie
  • Yakima Automotive (Bob Allgaier)
  • Carol Rhoades
  • J. Tuman & Kay Tuman
  • Ed & Lori Birge
  • Jane I. WHite
  • Ronald & Shirley Grow
  • Norma Myers
  • Dona Farsdahl
  • Jane & Roger Finch
  • Walter and Evva Lange
  • Rudy Wagner
  • Dunbar Jewelers, Inc (Linda Gilmore)
  • Donna Shively
  • Janet Ward
  • Sharon Lamb
  • Joyce Medak
  • Christine Poplaski
  • Estelle Schock
  • Tomas E. Holbrook, DDS, PS
  • Dennis Hasslinger (State Farm Ins.)
  • Gary & Joyce Swart
  • Russell & Flora Leonard
  • Andrea L. Prentice
  • Arnold & Martha Loewe
  • Doug D. Nott
  • Steve & Sally Simon
  • Deborah Cornue
  • Guy & Mary Shinn
  • William & Joan Harrison
  • Warren & Mary Pooler
  • Marilee Holse
  • David & Jennie Roys
  • Mike Shinn
  • Rudy & Sarah Clasen
  • Ann Spiegel
  • Gary S. Peterson
  • Cresci & Holman Tax Services (Tom Holman)
  • Brooke Creswell
  • Betty Peterson
  • Gregg & Kristi Dawley
  • Henrietta Gasparac

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